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Ahouenou an African Start up ! | CircleCore


In 2019 CircleCore advised the start up Ahouenou during funding stage and the first phase of development.

Ahouenou has been established in 2017 and is currently based in Africa (Togo), specialized in culinary bouillons production that are 100% natural and without additives. More than 90% of Africans households consume industrial food broths.

The start up is the first on the entire african market to offer an organic broth under the name « Africube ».

 Mr. Ayité Ajavon the CEO is a former french banking project manager who has moved to Africa, with a dream to build this company and offer this product on the market to clients looking for organic products with plenty of flavours.

Today the company has more than a dozen employees, especially women working in rural areas this job allowing them to help their families.

Ahouenou has just signed its first exclusive contract with a distributor in the region and he is also in negotiations with several others wholesalers and resellers.

Please be informed that initial funding is based on 100% of Mr Ajavon own funds due to lack of financing in Africa for start up.

At this stage, Mr. Ajavon is seeking for investors, funds but also various expertise to support his company growth.

For any questions and information please contact us or directly Africube.