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Finance in Maghreb countries. | CircleCore

CircleCore attended on December 4, 2019 a round table  about finance in Maghreb countries.

The main objective of this meeting was to understand this market environment and to talk with differents delegates on several issues and challenges in this region of the world.

This panel was moderated by Rachid Arhab, journalist, former member of the CSA.


Rachid Sekak, Bank Expert  (former president of HSBC Algeria)

Anouar Hassoune, President and CEO of the West Africa Rating Agency

Fouad Bendi, Deputy CEO of Maghreb securitization 

Nejia Gharbi, Deputy Director General of CDC

Yazid Taalba, AfricInvest partner


Moulay Rachid Cherkaoui, Managing Partner at Mtech Invest

Mohamed Salah Frad, President of Atic (Tunisia)

Karim Zine Eddine, Africa Director Finlab & Research Director Paris Europlace.


The Maghreb has exceptional growth potential, but the instruments available are not always sufficient.

Indeed, for the Maghreb economies, the challenges of business financing and of the innovation are crucial to be part of a process of relevant economies mutation. These companies are looking for a modernized financial sector, with access to  funding critical to the development of the economy of these countries.

We again thank Sonia Bouajila and the Maghreb group to invite us and for this excellent round table.


CircleCore team